Adult Education Course


Strong adult leadership can dramatically improve the life of a family and surrounding community. So, we offer programming to empower adults in their most often mentioned and most critical areas of need: Employment and Discipleship. We offer discipleship groups for women and men that meet regularly for prayer, Bible study and fellowship. In the midst of these relationships, real transformation is worked out.  We desire to see adults achieve employment, education, and most importantly gain a relationship with Jesus Christ through encouragement and support from our staff and the people who share our passion for growth and development.

College Students

Adult High Expectations ESL (English as a Second Language)

More than half our community speaks a language other than English as their primary language at home. High Expectation ESL prepares our non-English speaking adults to better function in our English speaking culture. With the mastering of the English language participants afford better educational opportunities and employment.

Job Interview

Transformation Reentry Initiative

Many ex-offenders lack the basic skills necessary to successfully reenter society. Harris County has a growing ex-offender population that lack basic skills to reenter society. The Transformation Reentry initiative will prepare ex-offenders for the job market as well as address the social and spiritual needs particular to their situation - resulting in lower recidivism rate by entering our program. A third of the participants will become mentors to others. If you need help finding a job click here.

Financial Analyst

Life Skills Academy

Many in our region lack the basic knowledge and skills necessary for navigating through the financial, social, and employment aspects of life, especially when obstacles are encountered. The Life Skills Academy is designed not only to help create an individual life plan, but to equip and empower participants with the tools to execute that plan, and make necessary adjustments as they walk through life.