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Christmas is the season for sharing, caring and giving! Throughout the year we have the privilege of supporting at-risk youth in our communities through after school tutoring, mentoring, homework help, robotics classes, music, arts and weekend meals to 300 students.


We not only witness the challenges these families struggle with firsthand we provide a variety of opportunities to break the cycle of poverty that often carries from one generation to the next. The reality is that transformation takes time often multiple years of training, coaching and resourcing, we are grateful for every partner that invest their time and financial resources to make a difference.


This year we are hosting our annual Christmas Store Campaign on December 18, 2022 from 9:00AM -2:00pm, we will invite 120 families to come and shop for their children this year.


What makes "The Christmas Store" so special ? The parents get to buy gifts at 75% off retail prices, thus providing them with dignity and the joy of actual buying the gifts, rather than receiving a handout, this is a hand up.


We will also offer parents classes such as Money Matters, English As A Second Language, Co-Starters Business Training to name a few, along with employment assistance resources. We are grateful for your partnership that allows us to continue to make an impact with at-risk youth living in under-resourced communities.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryant T. Lee

Executive Director


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