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116 Sports Flag Football

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

116 Sports was started to offer an alternative to the sports leagues already in existence with an emphasis on teaching kids the importance of character.

As a faith based, character driven program, 116 Sports stands out as a competitive program that cares more about developing a child spirit, soul and body and preparing them to be successful in life.

While teaching the fundamentals of the sport and playing the games are an important part of any sport program, we place a high emphasis on character development from a biblical perspective. We want our kids to learn the sport, but also grow up to be productive citizens with a good foundation that will guide them through their entire lives.

We share the gospel, through prayer and devotions before the game and build relationships. As relationships develop, we can then mentor, and begin to meet emotional, practical and spiritual needs. All of our coaches and volunteers have a background screening done and each team, including Cheerleading, have a minimum of two coaches.

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