The urban youth landscape is full of forks in the road where young people can make heroic or destructive decisions. All teens need mature adults guiding them to hear and obey Jesus Christ in this critical phase of life. Our experiential discipleship program introduces the gospel and how it intersects our life. 

Smiling Teen Boy

Young Gents Mentoring Program

Young Gents Mentoring wants to combat a fatherless generation in an urban community to address the pipeline-to-prison epidemic. By partnering young men with strong make role models we have witness lives transformed, and dreams renewed. We’ve also seen improved grades and less discipline problems in the classroom.

Young People - Meeting With Computers

Next Gen Techs

Information Technology happens to be the fastest growing career field, but urban communities are still fighting the digital divide. Less than 5% of workers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are minority and/or female. The Next Gen Techs program is designed to equip underrepresented groups to meeting the growing demand for IT workers.

Flag Football Receiver

116 Sports

Many kids in under served communities are not involved in school sponsored athletic activities. 116 Sports offers year-round outdoor sports activities as an alternative to gangs, delinquency and other unhealthy behaviors. Sports has proven to be a valuable tool in building self-esteem, identity, community and a sense of pride to name a few. 116 Sports is a reproducible model in any undeserved community. We envision dozens of sports leagues happening simultaneously throughout our region. High Impact Community Projects.