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We value our community and want to see it thrive continuously. For this to come to fruition, we feel it is important to create a compelling alternative community that offers goal-setting, accountability, discipleship, and healthy community relationships. When personal development isn’t put on display, highlighted, or presented as achievable, young adults miss the opportunity to mature and blossom into Christ-following, independent, community leaders, and often turn to negative outlets.

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Community Leadership Initiative

Strong communities thrive when there are strong leaders. Our Community Develop Initiative increases the leadership capacity of organizational and church leaders throughout Harris County. We will facilitate multiple leadership intensive aimed at developing the critical leadership and organizational skills for long term vitality, that equips leaders in 21st century skills and principles.

Open For Business

Urban Entrepreneurship Academy

The Urban Entrepreneurship Academy offers a 20 week from-scratch-to-start-up training for potential start-ups. Our goal is to provide more needed small businesses in under resourced communities that create commerce and job opportunities while building valuable businesses. Upon graduation participants will be able to seek funding and mentorship from local successful business owners. This we believe is the pathway to ensuring long term successes defying the odds of failure. Sign up here.

THE HIP: High Impact Projects occur throughout the year, the goal is to

raise expectations that lead to transformation and relief during major crisis.


Backpack Giveaway

At the beginning of every school year we provide hundreds of backpacks and school supplies to students in poor and under resourced communities.

Copy of Humble Area Food Distribution Po

Boxes of Love

Thousands of families have been blessed by complete Thanksgiving meals since 2006.

Clothing Rack

Fall Coat Drive

Over the years we have provided hundreds of coats to elementary and middle school students in the Title 1 schools in our region.

Holiday Presents

Christmas Club

Thousands gifts have been given to children throughout Harris County during the Christmas season.

professional developmnet training sessio

Houston Ministry Advance

Annually we host an urban ministry equipping conference that draws urban practitioners from Houston and around the United States for two days of intense practical ministry and leadership training.


Disaster Relief

Over the years we have provided training, resources, networking and empowerment of leaders and organization in response to disasters. Additionally provide the organization and logistical framework to provide, food, clothing, finances, training and gifts-in-kind though our partnership network.

Donation Boxes


As COVID-19 has invaded our current reality we have worked to serve local leaders and ministries with tools, training and resources that allow them to equip, engage, and empower their communities towards restoration and wholeness. Our Sunday Seniors program provides hot restaurant meals to seniors who are alone without family members, shut-in or have special circumstances.