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Whiz Kids Reading & After School Tutoring

We help provide tutoring for a child struggling in school. Tutoring has the power to boost children’s academic scores, create strong readers and improve confidence. In 2022 we invested 137 hours of instructional time towards building a solid educational foundation in our children and youth.  This resulted in improved math scores, higher reading levels and better behavior in the classroom.


Arts Program

Our arts program includes different type of art mediums as well as piano and drum lessons.  Art encourages creativity and imaginative thinking, two skills that are increasingly linked with long-term professional success. Art forces children to engage in out of the box thinking and can help them hone their creative problem-solving skills.

Robotics & IT

Robotics and IT

This program introduces children, youth and young adults to career fields often out of reach for at risk youth and families.  Participants are given both instructional knowledge and hands on experience. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is the way of the future.  Our younger students learn through building Lego robots while our older students are learning the computer language of Python and developing other computer skills.  Our IT Certification program is designed to equip underrepresented groups to meet the growing demand for IT workers.

Summr Camp

Summer Camp

The summer camp program provides six weeks of activities during the summer months.  Activities include The Houston Zoo, The Houston Aquarium, Golfing, Bowling, The Houston Museum of Natural Science, Swimming, Urban Air, Skating and The Houston Symphony.  Potential campers raise support and scholarships are available.

Weekend Meals

In 2022 we partnered with Humble ISD and served 4,000 weekend meals to students in four Title 1 Elementary schools directly impacting children whose families struggle with food insecurity. We continue to provide 400 weekend meals to students on the free and reduced meal programs weekly.  

Weekend Meals

Transformation Reentry Initative

Many ex-offenders lack the basic skills necessary to reenter society successfully.  Harris County has a growing ex-offender population that lacks the basic skills to reenter society. This program prepares them for jobs as well as addresses the social and spiritual needs particular to their situation.  This results in lower recidivism rates by entering and completing this intense discipleship program.

reentry initative

Fresh Start Initative

This program is designed to assist individuals in preparing themselves to succeed in the competitive job market.  The program helps adults update resumes and prepare for interviews and job searches.

Fresh Start

Urban Entrepreneurship Academy

This program offers a 12-week from scratch to start up training for potential start-ups.  Our goad is to provide more needed small businesses in under-resourced communities that create commerce and job opportunities while building valuable companies.  We are equipping entrepreneurs to serve as a missional outpost for advancing the Gospel. Learn more about this program.


The Road Home

In healthy whole communities moving from subsidized housing to home ownership should be more than a dream.  Our goal with this program is to help educate and assist those who desire the dream of home ownership.  Owning a home is the most significant proven methodology for breaking cycles of generational pverty.

Road Home
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