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 We also believe that work is important for healthy communities. Our staff and volunteers work hard to help every adult find employment to support a family. This includes resume writing, interview practice, transportation, follow-up calls and thank you notes to employers, coaching on appropriate dress, and workplace behavior training. In both our discipleship and employment efforts, we rely upon partnering organizations and talented volunteers to join our staff in serving the adults of our neighborhood.

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The mission of the Transformation Outreach Community Development Corporation (TOCDC) is to holistically transform the lives of the entire family for the betterment of the community and the advancement of the Gospel. Our approach is to Engage, Equip, Empower and Encourage youth and families at every level - social, spiritual, mental, financial and physical.


This holistic transformation is accomplished through  partnership with schools, churches, businesses and para-church organizations. These partnerships  with TOCDC provide the pathway to engage, equip, encourage and empower youth and families to move from striving to thriving in life. 

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